Crossing First Avenue: Review of CSO post-2015 Political Strategy post-UNGA

Read below extracts from a briefing entitled ‘Crossing First Avenue: Review of CSO post-2015 Political Strategy post-UNGA’, by the African CSO Platform on Principled Partnership (ACP):

“One of the greatest lessons that Civil Society learned from the just concluded United Nations General Assembly (and to some a longer experience with the UN advocacy) is that there is great potential in the current Post 2015 advocacy bringing major shifts in the development model of the World. No one thought that countries that have over the past four months been highly critical of some the radical shifts proposed by the High Level Panel and the UN Secretary General’s Reports, would embrace both and make reference to them as the pillars of citizen voices.

But there are four things that we now know from the manner in which the Outcome Document was negotiated in the months (and hours) leading to the MDG Summit.

⇒ Advocacy within the United Nations and more specifically with member states is not as complex as we have been made to believe […]

⇒ Within the UN member states, relying on public statements or government positions as an indication of final voting direction is highly misleading. […]

⇒ Unless we put in tremendous effort, the Post MDG Framework will be an exact replica of the MDG. […]

⇒ Finally we know one thing-the current strategy that civil society has adopted to reach the member states is not working, and will not work if we continue with that path. […]”

Click here to read the full briefing.

You can also read the summary minutes of the First High Level Political Forum meeting and those of the Special Event on MDGs, courtesy of the ACP.

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