Push to tackle corruption in post-2015 agenda

By Philippa Garson, writing on IRIN:

With the realization that corruption is undermining development and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), experts are lobbying the UN to adopt goals and targets on good governance and transparency in the post-2015 development agenda.

A high-level anti-corruption panel, co-chaired by UNDP, Transparency International and UNODC, gathered at the UN in New York in late September to highlight the impact of corruption on development and find ways to ensure that anti-corruption is part of the new global development agenda.

The eight MDGs – established in 2000 and set to expire in 2015 – saw the creation of ambitious targets to improve the lives of poor people, from goals on education and health to those on gender equality and the environment. But no mention was made of fighting corruption.

Yet corruption has an enormous impact on the health and welfare of the poor. Research by Transparency International shows that “in countries where there is more bribery, more women die during child birth and fewer children are in education, irrespective of how rich or poor a country is”.

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