Global development podcast: Big ideas for development after 2015

Read below the transcript from a podcast in the Guardian entitledGlobal development podcast: Big ideas for development after 2015‘, featuring Hugh Muir, Alex Cobham, Barbara Crowther, Dr Musimbi Kanyoro and Liz Ford.

HM: Hugh Muir

AC: Alex Cobham

BC: Barbara Crowther

MK: Dr Musimbi Kanyoro

LF: Liz Ford

“HM Hello and welcome to the Global development podcast. My name’s Hugh Muir. Coming up, the millennium development goals, or MDGs, are up for renewal in 2015. Between now and then diplomats and activists from every country will talk long and hard about shaping new goals for the future. But before we go forward, let’s look back: have the development goals achieved everything that was hoped for? And what about those targets? Even if we do agree new goals is that really the best way to achieve sustainable development? Today we’ll hear from three big thinkers with big ideas about how about to build a better world. This is the Global development podcast from the Guardian. And with me in the studio today are Alex Cobham, research fellow at the Centre for Global Development; and Barbara Crowther, director of policy and public affairs at the Fairtrade Foundation. And in our New York office we have Dr Musimbi Kanyoro, president of the Global Fund for Women, and Liz Ford, deputy editor of Global development at the Guardian. Thank you all for joining us.

And, Liz, let me start with you before we get stuck into those big ideas, let’s start with a little context. At the time of recording there’s a big meeting at the United Nations, that’s why you’re there, apart from the obvious charms of New York of course, so tell us what’s going on there?

LF The UN has its development moment over the next three days, where we’re expecting leaders to review where we’re at with the MDGs, where we’ve got, what we need to do in the next two years to actually achieve the 2015 target. And then looking beyond that, what happens after 2015 – the next set of goals. And there have been discussions been going on all year. The UN have commissioned a high level panel co-chaired by David Cameron to come up with some kind of vision. And in their report in May they produced a draft set of 12 goals, which seemed to have sort of captured the imagination and seemed to be used quite readily at any kind of conversation, almost like these are the ideas for a new set of goals; but there still needs to be lots of discussion. And what we’re expecting this week is to get some kind of idea about whether these goals are going to be universal, and for the UN to set in motion what’s going to happen next, so the next two years there’s key marker points about when deadlines are to come up with these ideas. And in a sense this is sort of the year of throwing up ideas I think, and just throwing everything into the ring and then just seeing what settles.”

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