Beyond 2015 reaction to the Special Event’s Outcome Document

Read below Beyond 2015’s reaction to the Special Event on the MDGs at the UN General Assembly:

“The participating organisations of the Beyond 2015 campaign today acknowledged the endorsement of the road map for the creation of an inclusive post-2015 agenda by Heads of States during the UN General Assembly. The clear decision for a single framework and set of goals enables us all, civil society included, to work constructively towards transformation in the lives of the people who need it most – those experiencing the greatest poverty and vulnerability.

The commitment to a coherent approach which integrates poverty eradication, human rights, economic transformation, social justice and environmental stewardship, indicates the potential for transformational change in 2015. Central to this is the recognition of common but differentiated responsibilities in a universal agenda.

The inclusion of peace and security, democratic governance, the rule of law, gender equality, and human rights for all is critical. Evidence and experience since 2000 illustrates that neither eradication of poverty nor achievement of sustainable development is possible without these essential elements. However, the post-2015 agenda must radically transform the way in which the purpose of the economy is understood, so that it exists to serves people and planet.”

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