WASH not ‘sexy’ but must be addressed — Wateraid

Read below an extract from an article on WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), published by devex.com

“First, we need to call it as it is: Pee, poo and shit. And then we can move to discussing the consequences if we don’t take care of that.

 That’s how Cecilia Chatterjee-Martinsen, executive director of WaterAid Sweden, referred to water, sanitation and hygiene issues — which didn’t really get much of the attention under the Millennium Development Goals, and continue to remain an uncomfortable subject for many.

In an exclusive interview with Devex, she admitted the issue of sanitation will “never be sexy,” but the international community need to face and understand it to better address the problem.

 ‘What would you do if you had no toilet? What will your lives look like? Imagine the waste that would be on the ground,’ argued Chatterjee-Martinsen from Stockholm, which hosts International Water Week, a major international event that hopes to bring WASH to the forefront of the development agenda.”

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