The Post 2015-Bandwagon: The Wheels Are Still On, and the Band Is Playing in Tune

By Charles Kenny, writing on Center for Global Development Blog:

“I admit, I didn’t think things would look so good right now.  This summer of post-2015 reports has been as unexpectedly pleasant as comparatively decent August weather in DC.  Surprised by the depth and reach of the High Level Panel report on the post-2015 development agenda, then taken off guard by the healthy overlap between the Sustainable Development  Solutions Network report and the High Level Panel’s recommendations, now I’ve been mildly shocked—in a good way—by the first interim report of the Sustainable Development Goals Working Group, which is due to issue its final recommendations next year.

Here’s some of the good news out of the SDG Working Group interim report:

  • For a long time it looked like we could end up with two different sets of post-2015 goals—one on global development and the other on sustainable development.  Not good.  But the interim report notes: “There is wide support for a single post-2015 UN development framework containing a single set of goals—goals that are universally applicable to all countries but adaptable to different national realities and priorities.”  And the broad language and areas covered in the SDG interim report look similar to the High Level Panel report.
  • One-size global targets are likely to be unfair at the country level—just as the original MDGs were unfair to Africa.  The interim report suggests that “while the goals and associated targets and indicators should, in the aggregate, represent a pathway to sustainable development and the future we want” nonetheless “the targets need to be differentiated for countries taking into account the different levels of development.””

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