Gender Inequality and Fragility in the post-MDG Framework

Read below the abstract from the Cordaid Policy Paper: Gender Inequality and Fragility in the post-MDG Framework, which you can access following the link.

“Despite the progress that has been made in achieving  the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), fragility and  gender inequality risk undermining development in many  countries and reversing the gains that have been made over  the past decades. As debates around the post-2015 agenda  continue, it is critical that these two issues are prioritised  in any future goals, targets and indicators that are proposed, and that they are linked strategically to the implementation of UNSCR 1325 on Women, Peace and Security  and the New Deal on Engagement in Fragile States.  This paper highlights key recommendations and possible  actions that could be taken over the coming months to  ensure a more coordinated approach to addressing fragility  and gender inequality in the post-MDG framework.

Key recommendations

■ Take a strategic approach to incorporating gender inequality and fragility in the post-MDG framework, and ensure that any submissions or recommendations made to the High-Level Panel or other bodies are coordinated and reinforce the New Deal and UNSCR 1325

■ All future goals, targets and indicators that are developed as part of the post-MDG framework should apply a gender and conflict-sensitive approach and should build on the indicators for UNSCR 1325 and the Peacebuilding and Statebuilding Goals

■ The post-2015 framework should include measures to build and develop capacity for data collection and analysis on gender-related issues, particularly in fragile and conflict-affected contexts

■ Any country-level peacebuilding compacts agreed as part of the New Deal should incorporate key commitments and initiatives from UNSCR National Action Plans, where they exist”

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