Cooperation for a Water Wise World – Partnerships for Sustainable Development

Read below the introduction to Cooperation for a Waterwise World – Partnerships for Sustainable Development, from the Stockholm International Water Institute.

“In a changing and increasingly uncertain world it has  become even clearer that we all depend on the same  finite and vulnerable water resources to sustain life  and well-being on our planet. In parallel, our interdependence grows every day as population numbers  soar towards the predicted milestone of over 9 billion citizens by 2050. With so many of us, and with limited water available, to ensure a sustainable future we must  become smarter at using, consuming and cooperating  over this precious resource.

Three years ago, the UN General Assembly  declared 2013 to be the International Year of Water Cooperation. As such, water cooperation was selected to be the topic of this year’s World Water Week.  As outlined in the Thematic Scope for the Week,  the proceedings will address key aspects relating to  cooperation, including the impact of cooperation at different levels, between sectors and among actors. We intend to inspire participants from different communities across the world to engage, discuss and develop solutions to the multi-sectoral  challenges posed in achieving water cooperation.

A major challenge to the international community is to reach agreement on the Post-2015 Development Agenda. SIWI is involved in the discussions over the assessment of the Millennium Development  Goals, the follow up of the “Rio+20” conference in  2012 and future Sustainable Development Goals.  This challenge is in itself an important area for cooperation between nations as well as across different  disciplines and actors. It is also a critical opportunity  to achieve concrete and forward-looking decisions on  common global goals and to implement necessary  means to achieve sustainable development. Therefore,  the Post-2015 Development Agenda is an important  theme during World Water Week 2013. The World  Water Week will offer the participants an opportunity  to voice a common message through the Stockholm  Statement. Designed to elevate the status of water in  the Post-2015 Development Agenda, the Stockholm  Statement will be submitted to the UN General  Assembly in September. In June the Stockholm Statement Digital Forum, a collaborative online platform  for the exchange of ideas, was launched as a tool to receive input from a wide range of stakeholders.

The results from this online collaborative forum will be presented at this year’s World Water Week before submission to the UN General Assembly. In SIWI’s capacity as a neutral, collaborative institute that connects science and policy, we have actively advocated for a Sustainable Development Goal on water throughout this process.”

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