Memo to the UN: accountability is key to effective development goals

Written by Thomas Pogge and Mitu Sengupta, in the Guardian:

“At September’s UN general assembly, member states will debate what should replace the millennium development goals (MDGs) when they expire in 2015. The official conversation is moving quickly, and the month ahead will offer a significant opportunity for public review before the process moves behind closed doors.

If our new development goals are to be as effective as realistically possible, the debate must push well beyond the report of the UN’s high-level panel on the subject. The 12 goals proposed suffer from the same key defects as the MDGs: they are general wishes that do not assign concrete tasks and responsibilities to specific actors, and they do not meet civil society aspirations for systemic reforms of global institutions.

To eradicate poverty, we must understand why it persists on such a huge scale in an affluent world. The poorer half of humanity accounts for less than 3% of global household income because of national and supranational institutional arrangements, the design of which only the rich can influence.”

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