Employment in a post-2015 framework: proposals for monitoring indicators

Pedro Martins and Laura Kiku Rodriguez-Takeuchi, from the Overseas Development Institute, have released a paper entitled Employment in a post-2015 framework: proposals for monitoring indicators. Read the abstract below.

“The key objective of this paper is to stimulate a debate on potential employment indicators for a post-2015 framework. As the discussions around a post-2015 agenda intensify, we offer concrete and innovative proposals to improve the monitoring of employment outcomes in a future development framework.

This paper is divided into three main sections, each of them with clearly defined objectives. First, we briefly reassess the key strengths and weaknesses of relevant MDG indicators, which are an important and necessary starting point. Second, we identify a broader range of indicators that might be able to capture major employment challenges. Third, we provide a suggestive list of monitoring indicators for a post-2015 framework, which includes re-endorsing certain aspects of the current MDG framework, suggesting modifications to the current indicators, and proposing entirely new indicators. We attempt to put forward some innovative proposals, even if some of these still require further technical work.”

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