More appreciation, less manipulation

Henk Jochemsen writing on the Broker Online:

“The High-level Panel (HLP) report on the Post-2015 Development Agenda makes the observation that the MDGs “fell short by not integrating the economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainable development as envisaged in the Millennium Declaration and by not addressing the need to promote sustainable patterns of consumption and production.” (Executive Summary P1). I agree with this analysis.

Although the HLP is right in drawing attention to this, I find that the report lacks an analysis of underlying cultural and moral patterns. It is important to realize that current major problems are a consequence of what our modern culture has considered its successes: progress, continuous economic growth, increasing welfare, technological and medical innovation, and the abundance of food. Only recently has it dawned on the ‘developed’ part of the world that this has been achieved at the expense of other nations, peoples and natural resources. And – to a certain degree – the emerging economies seem to be repeating the same mistakes.

To make the HLP’s proposals a success, a cultural paradigm shift is required. In this contribution, I will try to describe this paradigm shift in terms of the way humanity relates to physical and socio-cultural reality.”

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