Can business help achieve water sustainability goals beyond 2015?

By Jason Morrison, in  GreenBiz:

“Can business help achieve water-related sustainability goals in a post-2015 world? The answer is an emphatic “yes.”

In fact, the private sector accounts for the majority of global water use, when including both industrial use and agriculture-based supply chains. One could argue that achieving such goals without direct business involvement and support would be near impossible.

The good news is that many in the business community share an interest in achieving more sustainable water management, as there’s a growing understanding within companies that such an outcome is perhaps the most viable long-term strategy for addressing water-related business risk.

To the degree to which a comprehensive goal for water will be included in the post-2015 development agenda, this broadened perspective on water will resonate deeply with many private sector companies. Looking at the UN Millennium Development Goals, the focus for water was on access and sanitation to meet basic human needs, which is arguably only tangentially related to direct business interests.”

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  1. I worry the agriculture industry’s part of the business community with it vast and competing interests, is not mature enough, to “help”. I think we will have to cajole them ( if not worse) just to get them to the table to listen, let alone help. While a few are there now how do you heard the rest of the cats….. their contribution to water security/insecurity is the most import piece of theirs and our success or dermis ….

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