The World We Want Beyond 2015 (24-25 May 2012)

European Seminar

When: 24 and 25 May 2012

Where: Brussels

Organiser: European Taskforce of Beyond 2015

Deadline for registration: 4th May 2012

The Beyond 2015 European Taskforce is organising an international seminar to begin elaborating a European civil society’s position on the post-2015 development framework.

Experts in all the key fields from academia, think tanks and NGOs will come together to progress civil society’s thinking on post-2015. On day two, EU and UN policy makers will be invited to step in and debate the ideas and outcomes put forward by European civil society on day one.

For more information, please read the event’s concept note and its provisional programme.

For questions or comments, please contact: Gerard Vives (

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