Post-2015 High Level Panel: Summary of Private Sector Roundtable

As part of the High-Level Panel meetings taking place in early November in London, Panel members, representatives of the business community and civil society organisations took part in a roundtable discussion on the role of the private sector in the Post 2015 agenda. This document summarises the key issues discussed during that session.

Download: ‘Post-2015 High Level Panel: Summary of Private Sector roundtable discussion’

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  1. Accepting this was a first high-level meeting, I would suggest that as well as elaborating what the different players must do, the discussion should at some point soon, move to the processes and institutional changes that will be needed. This will inform what must be done. The key actors in specific systems working together to bring about transformative change can identify drivers and incentives that will be levers for different ways of doing things. This might be more effective than telling ‘business’ what they must do.
    Thanks for the opportunity to comment on this important discussion
    Alison Griffith
    Practical Action

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