The World We Want

In this blog on the Business Fights Poverty website, Paul Ladd of UNDP shares his perspective on the headlines from a recent high-level event exploring what a future development framework might look like from a business perspective.

“At the same time, it is important to recognize that the bulk of the private sector consists of small-scale domestic entrepreneurs and farmers, and that the private sector provides the context in which poor people live their lives.  There is a greater awareness now that poor people themselves see getting a job or growing a business as a key exit strategy from poverty.  It will be critically important that the vision for the world we want to live in – and any ensuing goals and targets – be informed by this reality.”

Read the full blog in full here.

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  1. Leaders should make sure that they work on Corruption because in Uganda to access 80% of the public offices you need to give in a bribe to get a service. These guys act like they are not paid at all; that the money you give them is their salary yet they get Salaries, Allowances, Fuel and transport for running those offices. So world leaders should make sure they fight corruption to protect the underprivileged. Thanks. Agustin

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