Health & Education Post-2015

Last week took me to Washington, and to an interesting session on health and education in the post-2015 agenda, hosted by Results for Development.  We’ll…

Rio+20 must… do the impossible

There’s no shortage of advice for the Heads of State and other officials meeting in Rio next month to discuss sustainable development.  An internet search…

Inequality won’t take care of itself

“In their recently launched report on inequality in Latin America, Christian Aid describes the situation as scandalous, and they’re right. Latin America is by no means poor….

Inequality Post-2015

It’s just under 1400 days until the end of 2015 – the date which marks the expiry of the Millennium Development Goals. These goals, agreed…

Podcast: What comes after 2015?

‘We don’t necessarily want a new agreement to just be about aid…that would seem limited and not in tune with what we know about development….