Women’s empowerment in fragile and conflict-affected countries

This blog series focuses on the challenges and opportunities for advancing gender equality goals, women’s voice and agency in fragile and conflict-affected countries.


Women, conflict and fragility: how to support women and girls in ways that have real meaning – Pilar Domingo

Why the women’s vote matters in Afghanistan’s election – Anna Larson

Filling the progress gaps in women’s local participation: why innovative approaches are needed – Abigail Hunt

Moving beyond ‘visibility’ on sexual violence – Pilar Dimingo

One step backwards two steps forward? Unlocking gender equality in fragile and conflict-affected situations – Rebecca Holmes and Rachel Slater

Women, peace and security – shifting attention back to where it matters – Karen Barnes Robinson

Political settlements that include women – Clare Castillejo

Women and constitutional reform: is a seat at the table enough? – Georgina Waylen

Psychosocial support to women and girls in the aftermath of conflict – Nicola Jones and Fiona Samuels

Women and conflict: why we should not separate rape in war from the everyday reality of violence – Jelke Boesten