Valuing progress: Development’s difficult choices. What would you choose?

Development policies need to factor in what really matters when it comes to improving people’s lives. Which – of all the possible benefits of development– do poor people value the most? And why? Do they influence the decisions that are being made on their behalf? There is growing consensus that the views of those most directly affected are crucial to make the best possible use of finite resources.

There are many ways to include the views of poor people in policy development and progress monitoring. Over the coming weeks, Development Progress will feature a blog series  that outlines some of these approaches. From a capabilities index in rural Malawi to an analysis of people’s priorities in different sectors, via a discussion about the barriers that stop development professionals hearing what people say.

We start this blog series with a question. What would you choose if you were asked about what is important in making your life better? This question is at the heart of our new poll, aiming to find out what really matters when it comes to human development. [Note: the poll has now closed]


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Development’s difficult choices. What would you choose? – Laura Rodriguez Takeuchi