National progress in education

As part of our education case study launch, we’ve asked a number of experts to consider what we have learned about education progress – in some cases globally and in others from a country perspective – highlighting the biggest victories, trade-offs, and lessons as we move toward a new set of post-2015 goals.


Rebalancing progress in education: How to deliver on improvements in access and quality? – Leni Wild

Time to prioritise teacher numbers and teaching quality – Purna Kumar Shrestha

Intersectorality: The key to quality and equity in education – Susan Durston

Scaling up education quality as well as quantity: finance, partnerships and data – Jenny Perlman Robinson and Liesbet Steer

Numbers can lie: youth reflections on MDG lessons for the post-2015 education agenda – Chernor Bah and Madeline Serena

My cry for equitable quality in our Kenyan secondary schools – John Kabutha Mugo

Kenya’s gains in post-primary education: the biggest victories, the trade-offs and the lessons learned – Moses Oketch

Time for a new focus on what works for education quality – Nicholas Burnett

Better evidence on what works to drive national progress in education – Chris Berry and Laura Savage

Achieving universal lower secondary education by 2030 – tracking progress of the marginalised – Pauline Rose

An education finance target post-2015? Yes, but with caveats – Annalisa Prizzon

The elephant in the room: Will more money get more kids learning? – Susan Nicolai