Measuring progress on health

Authors were invited to share their perspectives on one key question: what role have the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) played in keeping health issues on the global agenda – what have they helped and what have they hindered?

This question arose partly from the interest of the Development Progress project in engaging with the MDG debate as we approach their 2015 deadline and look ahead to the creation of a new development framework and partly as a result of our particular interest in Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs).


What’s good for health is good for development. Or is it? – Andrew Rogerson

The unknown people battling the world’s neglected diseases – Romina Rodríguez Pose

From the World Bank: Health and the post-2015 development agenda – Adam Wagstaff

Transitioning from the MDGs to post-2015: a view from the private sector on what’s working and why – Andy Wright

Keeping the value of the MDGs and addressing their shortcomings – the challenge post-2015 in health – Kumanan Rasanathan